‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Glitch Hilariously Ruins A Dramatic Cutscene

Assassin’s Creed Unity is what’s known in technology circles as a “train wreck,” which is hard to believe considering Ubisoft’s crack quality assurance team:

But amid the seemingly endless litany of game-breaking glitches, this one is at least really, really funny.

Namely, some NPCs apparently just walk in off the street and start trying to pick a fight with Arno. And since the cutscenes are rendered using the game’s engine, the glitch is so perfectly timed, you won’t realize what’s happened for a second. It’s not until they basically start hooting at two guys totally ignoring them that you realize this was something of a mistake.

But really, we need this to happen more often in video games. NPCs deserve some fun too. Or at least deserve not to be brutally skinned by the game engine at a moment’s notice:

Hey, at least they get some invisible race karts to enjoy before their faces are ripped off.

Via VG 24/7