Watch This Australian Man Repeatedly Fail To Steal An ATM

Australian authorities are asking the internet to help identify a man who tried and failed repeatedly to steal an ATM.

In the video above, the man pulls up to a service station in Townsville, Queensland. After breaking a window, he crawls through the front door, hooks a chain to the ATM, and then tries to drive off with the ATM in tow. Unfortunately, his getaway is foiled again and again by a well-placed sunglasses stand:

The chain can be seen coming unhooked from the part connected to the ute, without the crim noticing. After securing the ATM he drives off with no cash machine dragging behind. He pulls back in, makes a ridiculous attempt at dragging the ATM closer with his bare hands, before giving up and driving off.

Hey, it worked for Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in Fast Five. Aside from physics and basic common sense, who could have predicted this wouldn’t work in real life?

Source: Mashable