Attention Citizens Of Detroit: Your Giant Robocop Statue Is Almost Done

Seemingly forever ago (around two years in Internet time) some guy tweeted a message to the Mayor of Detroit asking why the city didn’t have a statue of Robocop. Back then people tweeting stupid questions to famous and/or important people was still kind of a novel thing, so the Internet latched onto the idea and decided to make a Detroit Robocop statue a reality. A Kickstarter went up, over $65,000 was raised and we haven’t heard much since.

Until now! Yesterday the guys behind the Robocop Kickstarter sent out a bunch of photos of a mostly-done statue, and well, it’s quite the damn thing. For starters, it’s around 10-feet-tall (I’m fairly certain Robocop’s codpiece being right at eye level was an intentional design choice). Hit the jump for some pics…

pics via the Detroit Needs a Statue of Robocop! Kickstarter page

Robocop’s packing a bit of junk in his cyborg trunk.

Now the Robocop sculpture just needs to be sent off to be cast in bronze and then he’ll be installed at Wayne State University’s Tech Town campus. Tech Town huh? Hopefully the tech produced there doesn’t include ED-209s or things are going to get messy.