Attention Ladies: You Have To Pass A Virginity Test To Get A Teaching Job In Brazil

Apparently, having an intact hymen is now a job requirement. Women hoping to become teachers in Brazil are now being asked to undergo gynecological exams in order to verify that they are “healthy.”

Working in the education system is a coveted job in the South American country and the Brazilian government has reportedly required this kind of testing since 2012 for women hoping to enter the field. Prospective female teachers must either have a pap smear and be screened for STDs or, if they’re under the age of 25, must provide a doctor’s note confirming they aren’t sexually active.

While the tests have been in place for years, the Sao Paulo Public Prosecutor’s Office is now investigating why the tests are necessary for women to obtain teaching jobs and whether the invasion of privacy is legal under Brazil’s constitution. The department requires employees undergo other tests such as mammograms for women over 40 years old and prostate exams for men over 40 years old in order to ensure candidates are able to maintain their positions long-term, but the intimate nature of the tests required for females is sparking outrage amongst women’s rights groups.

This isn’t the first time Brazil’s gotten in trouble for its “virginity tests.” The state of Bahia had the same requirement for women hoping to join the state police force, but suspended those tests last year after encountering plenty of public criticism.

(Via Huffington Post )