Aubrey Plaza Eats People And Knocks Down Buildings In The First Trailer For ‘Life After Beth’

Nobody wants to see the love of their life pass away, and it’s particularly hard on Zach, who loses his girlfriend Beth tragically. Of course, this being a movie, she comes back, seemingly normal… until she starts eating people and tearing down buildings with her bare hands.

This movie is honestly on our radar not just because of the concept, which is admittedly a fun one but not exactly unique, but also because of who director and screenwriter Jeff Baena cast. This movie has Dane DeHaan, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, Molly Shannon, and John C. Reilly, all pretty much people we have relentless crushes on.

It does help that the effects look pretty uniformly great, and they all appear to be practical in the bargain. Plus, it really seems to capture the aggravations you have when you argue with your girlfriend over eating some guy. Really, not enough indie comedies linger on the real problems cannibalism can create in your relationship. Life After Beth arrives August 15th.