Watch This Truck Roll After An Australian Driver Colorfully Predicts The Accident

Ever since the first Final Destination movie hit the big screen, I’ve found myself very aware of potential accidents around every corner. From that amusement park’s rickety old roller coaster, to the precarious-looking crane attached to the new skyscraper currently under construction downtown, bad things can happen at every turn, and someone must have the eagle eye to prepare for the oncoming carnage. Some may call me paranoid, but my time in the Boy Scouts has instilled the key importance of preparation, as disaster may strike at any time.

The above dash cam video tells the story of one rather potty-mouthed driver in Australia and his keen attention to the danger posed by the utility truck in the lane ahead. Almost immediately, our unseen hero acknowledges the precarious nature of the vehicle’s weaving as he allegedly ran over the driver’s glasses, which somehow flew off his head and out the dang window. Exercising his own preventative measures by leaving plenty of space between himself and the truck, he soon exclaims that the driver will roll the truck and, lo’ and behold, his prediction comes true.

Car accidents are always a jarring experience, but one must wonder what was affecting this person to be able to roll their truck all by themselves. Also, if we can learn anything from this video, it’s that Australians love saying “c*nt.” A lot.

(Via Dash Cam Owners Australia)