Would You Like To See A Crazed Aussie Jump Out Of His Car & Headbutt Every Vehicle In Sight? Okay Then!

A man is being assessed at a West Australian hospital after crashing his car on a busy Perth highway and proceeding to go WWE on moving vehicles:

Witnesses reported the man then got out of his car and ran into the oncoming traffic, jumping on the bonnets of some cars and throwing himself head first into the windows of others.

Windscreens and windows of several cars were damaged, forcing traffic to stop and causing a major backlog on one of the city’s main highways.

Here’s the raw and disturbing dashboard camera footage, courtesy of DashCamsOnline and a motorist who summed the situation up nicely: “It was like the movie World War Z, where the zombies just run into cars, he was exactly like that and I thought ‘oh shit, it’s the zombie apocalypse.'”