Awesome Dad Built A Backyard Roller Coaster For His Daughter

We sometimes like to highlight the awesome things some parents do for their kids, like cosplaying every day to wave at the school bus or dressing up as Spider-Man to surprise them with a trampoline park outing. And we like to feature cool things parents make for their kids, like geeky lunch bag art, nerdy pancakes, and pop culture bento boxes. Today we have a video of a dad who joins the cool parent club by building a backyard roller coaster for his daughter. We are so jealous right now.

The backyard roller coaster was carefully designed and built over several months using pressure-treated lumber, PVC pipe, and concrete. It includes a 12-foot drop at its highest point and circles back around, with the cart permanently attached to the track for better stability. Normally I would balk at a kid that young using a homemade coaster, but this one looks so well built I wasn’t worried. Just look at this kid ride it while jabbering excitedly in toddler-speak. We think she’s saying, “Again! Again!” Did we mention we’re jealous? Because we totally are. All we had in the backyard as kids were dog turds and a chin up bar that used to be a swingset.

[Hat tip to Gawker and Hypervocal, who also have a video of a kid’s Pixar Power Wheels car souped up with a 500 watt .66 horsepower electric motor by another awesome dad.]