This Man’s Awful Reaction To Being Rejected Will Make You Feel Better About All Your First Date Mistakes

Dating sucks. There’s really no other way to say it. You meet someone hoping for a connection and then neither of you feels it. Or one of you feels it but the other one doesn’t. Or the other person is just so creepy that you can’t wait to get home and scream “I’m so happy to be single!” as you watch TV and realize you never have to see that person again. But even though we can all agree that there are few things worse than trying to find love in this modern world and that rejection is inevitable, some people are still taking it very, very badly.

Check out the dude in this story, for instance. He went on a date, got rejected, and then made some demands that even the worst dater would raise their eyebrows at (degree of eyebrow raised proportionate to how bad a dater you are). Bro Bible reports that the following exchange, posted to Imgur today (and currently blowing its way up the front page) is even worse than this guy a few months back, although their approaches—offers of a home-cooked meal followed by a demand for a refund—are very very similar.

So far, so good. A little clingy, but he could still save himself. Right?

What what what? The response to this message, which had audiences applauding, is so British that it hurts. Well, at least it would if this guy had any sense:

But he doesn’t:

The good news is that all your first date mistakes have now been magically forgiven. The bad news? Whoever this person is, they’re still out there dating. Hopefully, like all of us who have experience being rejected, he’ll learn from this very awkward interaction.

(Via Bro Bible)