And Now For The Most Internet-Friendly Parents At The 2012 Olympics

Editorial Director

The ball-and-chain and I watched the Olympics along with Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, and the rest of tape-delayed America last night. And during the women’s gymnastics segment I was allowed to take a pleasant break from complaining about how alarmingly helpful the colored score shapes are to appreciate USA gymnast Aly Raisman’s parents watch her performance live (for them).

It was glorious. So much awkward reaction and gyration. They might as well have been watching animal porn starring the giant horse depicted on the dad’s polo shirt.

Everyone who knows internet knew they were destined for web stardom. In addition to the many sure-to-be-yanked-down videos on YouTube, VH1 Celebrity rose to the challenge and created the GIF wall the world needed. Both after the jump.

View Gawker’s video here if/when the one above longer works. GIF Source: VH1 Celebrity

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