Axe Cop to Chop Off Heads and Throw Uni-Babies for Fox

So, I’m assuming everyone on the planet’s read Axe Cop by now. What? Really? You haven’t? Well, I suggest you remedy that.

Okay, now that we’re all caught up to speed, I can bring you the news that everybody’s favorite webcomic “imagined by a 5-year-old and illustrated by his 29-year-old brother” is going to be made into a cartoon series by Fox. Basically, Fox is looking to create it’s own late Saturday night version of Adult Swim, and it wants Axe Cop to be the anchor for the new block of programming.

Hey, I for one can’t wait to see Dinosaur Soldier and Uni-Baby on my TV, but considering how long Fox keeps successful animated series on the air, what’s going to happen if the show goes 20 seasons? “Imagined by a 27-year-old and his 51-year-old brother” just doesn’t have the same ring, ya know?

via AV Club