‘B*tches Love’ Movie Edition Memes

06.08.11 8 years ago 6 Comments

The “Bitches Love X” meme made its debut a few months ago and has been sourced back to this Boondocks clip and white people being way to jazzed to use the phrase “bitches love” in a sentence. The majority of the variations use the corporate creeper stock photo so you can associate the meme with the shadiest of your buddies, the dude who anonymously ships sex toys from Amazon to chicks he met the night before.
But after the list of common knowledge sex toys is exhausted the creeper version loses steam. That’s why I have a personal affinity for the movie variations. Not only are they easily identifiable for any pop culture junkie, but imagining the character retelling his “bitches love” version over beers a few hours later is undeniable good times. Especially Jerry Maguire. Bitches love Jerry Maguire.
Check out the slideshow for the best of movie variations.

Sources: Know Your Meme, Gorilla Mask

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