A Baboon Raced Around The San Antonio Airport Tarmac In A Desperate Bid For Freedom

A monkey, later identified as a baboon, is at this moment, desperately racing around the San Antonio airport in a desperate bid for freedom. Details are scant, but according to the multiple news crews that have descended upon the chaotic scene, the native African monkey is away from airport guests and workers, and the zoo is on the scene in an effort to calm him and bring him back home.

San Antonio has seen an influx of baboon incidents in recent months. pointed out that four of the monkeys recently used a 55-gallon drum to escape a nearby research facility. Now this. It is unknown whether this is related, but odds of that are slim considering the baboon was being transported from Brown University, when he escaped his cage and made a daring run for it on the tarmac, leaving workers scrambling and sending newsrooms into overtime.

Here are a few images from those at the scene:

In the below .gif, you can witness the thrilling moment a worker moved-in on the loose baboon, who can be seen scurrying on the left side of the frame.

As of this writing, the baboon has still not been captured, but the authorities are working diligently.