Allow This Man To Demonstrate How To Get A Baby To Clean The House

Does your home need some tidying up? Do you also have a spare baby on-hand? One dad has figured out a way to put that baby to work and keep your home sparkling clean. Bless him.

That rectangle with the moving images at the top of the screen is a video put out by How To Dad teaching you how to get your tot to clean your home. It doesn’t involve putting a chip in the baby’s brain or dressing them like a Minion. The process is much more simple than that.

“Basically, they’re babies,” explains our video guide. “They’ll do anything, so just ask them to do it.”

Video evidence is provided and we get to see the baby co-star rake leaves, vacuum the carpet and take out the trash. The only thing that gets refused? Cleaning the toilet. No one wants to clean the toilet. Not even impressionable youth.

Clocking in at a speedy 96 seconds, this clip doesn’t overstay its welcome and is marinated in charm. It’s also a smash online with 8.2 million views on Facebook and over 600,000 YouTube views racked up in just a few days. That’s not the only chunklet of father-friendly advice that’s been cranked by How To Dad. Previous installments have tackled subjects like how to travel with a baby, how to put a baby to sleep and how to show off to other dads while holding your baby.