Baby Dreamboat has a name…. a boring, boring name

08.24.07 11 years ago 82 Comments

The Boston Herald is claiming that Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady have brushed aside all the kickass names suggested by KSK readers and named their little golden boy… Jonathan Brady. Color us underwhelmed. Such a mundane, white-bread name is hardly befitting such an auspicious arrival.

Even if the proud parents have failed to capture the glory and majesty of the moment, KSK reader Bryan J. is more than up to the occasion– delivering us this epic photoshop. Judging by the picture, Dad is so caught up in the excitement of new fatherhood that he doesn’t notice that new teammate Randy Moss is sneaking off with Brady’s one true love. Once again, congrats to Bridget and Tom for having working sex organs.

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