This Baby Watching The NCAA Tournament Is Absolutely Adorable

Meet Wesley. According to his dad, this 1-year old is currently enjoying his first ever NCAA Tournament, and even though this kid obviously has no clue what’s going on and he’s just clapping and reacting to his father’s cues, this is absolutely adorable. In fact, if I’m ever finally invited to speak at Harvard about my theory on why parents who record videos of their little kids crying over sports are the absolute worst, I’d like to use this video of Wesley as my example of how videos of kids reacting to sports can be awesome if they’re done properly. So please, Wesley’s dad, do not ever make a video of this young boy crying because some dumb player left a team, or that team lost a game. Keep making these videos, and when he’s old enough to start talking, dress him in a little suit and make a video of you debating sports topics with him. That would be a YouTube view goldmine.