The Cast Of ‘Back To The Future’ Reunited At The Most Appropriate Place Possible

Universal Pictures

It’s now been 33 years since the original Back to the Future premiered in theaters across the country, introducing the world to Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Lorraine, and Biff — and to this day the immensely popular film has a rabid fan base. As such, it was a pretty big deal (“heavy” as some may even say) when the core cast of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Tom Wilson reunited in Toronto last Friday for Fan Expo Canada. (Sadly, they were only missing Crispin Glover as the McFly family patriarch.)

At any rate, the sweet reunion was captured in Instagram posts by Fox and Thompson. “Wow. Such good times and amazing fans at #fanexpotoronto I got very emotional,” the latter wrote. “It really is an honor to have been a part of so many people’s lives through the years. Thank you for being such an amazing part of mine.”

But that wasn’t all. While enjoying their visit to Toronto, “Lorraine” and “Biff” discovered a dining establishment for only for the most discerning of buttheads.

Despite the name, Biff’s Bistro offers “a slice of European enchantment,” according to the restaurant’s website. Or, as Wilson said in character, “I can’t wait to see who runs this dump.” With any luck, it lived up to expectations.