'Back to the Future GTA IV' Mod Let's You Time Travel With A DeLorean In Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto 4 mods have been really pushing it to the limit lately, but this newest mod can only be described as, “Heavy.” YouTuber SeedyROM34 posted a video on Reddit of an amazing version of GTA IV built from several mods. The final result is a re-creation of the time-traveling DeLorian from Back to the Future, complete with real time travel (within the same day), fire trails, and a Marty McFly skin for your driver. It’s a surprisingly-fitting mod for Grand Theft Auto, as the time travel allows you to constantly troll the police.

The mod mixes a custom cocktail (“There is no single download link,” seedy states) of heavily altered files, sounds, and tweaks cobbled together to form the onslaught of awesome in the video below. Sure, other DeLorean mods existed long before this one, but seedy’s extra dose of functionality and polish — particularly with the spot-on fire trails and inventive randomization of street traffic and time-of-day after hitting that 88mph sweet spot — definitely presents an exciting future for Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5’s skilled mod community. [PC Gamer]

Check out the Back to the Future GTA IV mod below. The video is set to Erock‘s “Back to the Future Meets Metal”, and Seedy offers a full list of the mods used in the video’s YouTube description. The list comes with a warning that it took months of tweaks to get it right, and that backing up everything first is a must, so caveat downloader.

As a bonus, we also found Seedy’s previous mod, which places the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard in GTA IV. And yes, the car horn can play “Dixie” when the General Lee jumps a cop car. Somebody give this coder ALL THE JOBS.