How Do Your Bad First Dates Hold Up To This #WorstFirstDates Hashtag?

In this modern world of Tinder,, and countless other dating websites geared toward whatever your thing is — whether that be ghosts, bacon, or Disney, you weirdos — now, more than ever, people are going on dates with people they have never met before. Which means that now, more than ever, people are also going on terrible first dates. As such, the latest Tonight Show hashtag focuses on #WorstFirstDates.

As usual, some of us could do with Jimmy Fallon hamming it up a little bit less, but if you can get past that, there’s some solid comedy to be mined here. From the guy who is really into trains to the Romeo who wants to know how many cans of Busch Lite can fit in his lady’s purse, this is evidence that it can always be worse. Although if I was single, I might ask for the number of the chopstick Walrus guy. He sounds like he might be fun. One lady’s trash is another’s treasure!

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