Bad Lip Reading Took On The First Democratic Debate, And It’s All Kinds Of Wonderful

Bad Lip Reading is a treasure, an Internet treasure, a source of some of the finest creative comedy on the web. You’ve likely seen their work, so no need to rehash their greatest hits (though I’m partial to the original NFL series).

On Wednesday night, just ahead of CNBC’s GOP Debate, the fine folks released yet another video, this time taking dead aim at Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democratic candidates from their first debate. They did an excellent job mocking the two biggest Presidential hopefuls, but it was their dubbing of Martin O’Malley that’s noteworthy here.

“Can I help you? I don’t like how she stares. It’s super creepy. And I think I can say where babies came from without her blinking at me.”

“I’m serious, you need to stop, okay? Have fun in staring class.”

Damn, that’s perfect.

Sadly, Bad Lip Reading opted to not use Jerry Stiller as the voice of Bernie Sanders, which seems like a missed opportunity, but I digress.

You can find more of Bad Lip Reading’s video on their YouTube channel. It’s full of all kinds of gold, and you might learn a thing or two about where babies come from, courtesy of Martin O’Malley.

(Via Bad Lip Reading)

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