Bad Lip Reading Takes A Longer Look At Fergie’s NBA All-Star Game National Anthem

You have to feel bad for Fergie a bit at this point. Yes, she’s a Grammy-winner, she’s a successful performer, and likely has more money than most of us will ever see. But her 2018 has been highlighted by one of the more bizarre national anthem attempts in history. Not only did the performance draw laughter from the crowd and many of the players in the game, the criticism after the game forced the singer to address the performance by saying she tried her best and is “a risk taker artistically.”

It’s an odd pop culture moment, and now we get to relive it thanks to the folks at Bad Lip Reading. The clip itself is the full version of the song featured in their 2018 NBA video. Instead of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” this time around Fergie is singing about her bread and how nobody wants any of it. It’s a fine way to celebrate America’s independence and also another chance to soak in Draymond Green’s reaction to it all.

You can check out the original clip from Bad Lip Reading below, complete with all the player chatter that should’ve happened throughout the year. One thing for sure, next year’s anthem will likely be as dull as can be. Or perhaps it can be a redemption shot for Fergie? Who knows?

(Via Bad Lip Reading)