Hillary Clinton Tells Stories About Tinder And ‘Bill Farting’ In The Latest Bad Lip Reading

As we’ve seen time and time again, Bad Lip Reading holds nothing sacred, whether it be beloved film franchises, television shows, or political affiliations. To the latter point, the satirical video series has taken on both the right and left sides of the political aisle in the past, providing nonsensical commentary about everything from Democratic primary debates to Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefings. Likewise, this latest offering once again sets the cross-hairs on Hillary Clinton.

This time around, “Hillary Clinton stories” simply takes snippets of the 2016 presidential candidate looking particularly animated while giving interviews and replaces her words with dialog such as “I’m ready for breadsticks!” — as she announces in the beginning of the clip.

Things only devolve from there, as they have Hillary go on to tell a story about buying a bag of locusts with Bill, who as it turns out was scared of locusts. “He cried and shivered, and drooled all over the table,” she recalled. “And when he had moved forward I did that prank where I scratched his vein open, and I remember he just bled so good.”

“Now he farted intermittently all the way home, but that was kind of his thing,” she continued, for anyone who ever wanted a visual of a flatulent former President Bill Clinton.

That’s just a taste of Hillary Clinton stories, which include other instant classics such as “The Fork,” “Swiping Left,” and the grand finale, “The Peru Incident.” It’s funny because the kid smells like a Reuben.