Bad Lip Reading Does Ted Cruz And Makes You Wish He Was Winning The Election

In what will likely go down as the best use of Ted Cruz’s uncut ad footage, Bad Lip Reading comes out with a post-Super Tuesday surprise. Not only do they effectively make Ted Cruz seem like a pretty likable guy, but you actually feel a tinge of sadness that his days on the campaign trail might be short.

This version of Cruz is sorta like the Gomer Pyle of the 2016 presidential race, a simpleton who enjoys lighting summer camps on fire and being a cuckold. He also might be a little inappropriate, which is nice to know when you need a scapegoat at a party.

The only real drawback for Bad Lip Reading Ted Cruz is that he seems to enjoy eating hair a bit too much, especially if his wife is involved. There also seems to be a bit of a problem with him and the elderly, promising them a quick visit from death. Not the best way to get on the right side of voters, so that might be trouble. Otherwise, he’s the perfect candidate and he likely won’t attempt to shut down the government.

Is this better than the Republican debate? That’s a tough sell, but I’m giving the edge to solo Cruz here. He likes rugs.

(Via Bad Lip Reading)