Try Not To Chant ‘USA! USA!’ While Watching This American Bald Eagle Whup A Canada Goose

Before I get started I would like to state that yes, if Donald Trump gets elected in November, like many of you I will be making permanent travel plans to Canada. In the meantime, excuse me while I don my finest stars and stripes bikini and pull some sparklers out of my ass for these photos of an American bald eagle WHUPPING THE CRAP out of a Canada goose.

YEAH. You like that Canada? How ’bout a side of poutine with that pounding? You take that for your cousin living in Philadelphia who chased me while I was minding my own business jogging along the Schuylkill river a few weeks ago. I DIDN’T EVENT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR STUPID BABIES, GOOSE. IT’S NOT MY FAULT YOU HANG OUT IN HEAVILY TRAFFICKED FOOT AREAS.

For what it’s worth, the goose did eventually escape, as the following photos in the series posted to the Vancouver Island Image Facebook page illustrate, with the caption: “You don’t always get to keep what you catch.” But whatever, even if it didn’t escape I wouldn’t feel too bad, because like I said, geese are a-holes. You can view the rest below:

(Vancouver Island Images via BroBible)