The ‘Bane Capital’ Twitter Feed Rush Limbaugh Virtually Begged For Is Here And It’s Glorious

You just knew when portly, drug-addled hate muppet Rush Limbaugh floated his latest dipshitty liberal Hollywood conspiracy theory — that the villain in Dark Knight Rises was named “Bane” purposely to subvert the presidential ambitions of Mitt Romney, the former head of Bain Capital — that the internet would take that big ball of crazy and run with it. And the internet has indeed run with it. When will they ever learn?
For instance, a reader named Matt emailed last night to alert us to this awesome video Limbaugh’s exceedingly stupid conspiracy inspired him to make. He writes: “I read your piece about Rush Limbaugh’s Bane/Bain conspiracy theory and decided to make this trailer.” Thanks, Matt!

In addition to videos like Matt’s, some genius created a “Bane Capital” Twitter account yesterday that has had me giggling ever since I ran across it. Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, just about everyone on the internet will now immediately think of a comic book villain whenever they hear the words “Bain Capital” going forward. I’m not sure that would have been the case had he not opened his hot pill hole. It’s almost like he’s secretly trying to destroy Romney himself or something.
Anyway, on the following pages are a few of my favorites from @BaneCapital. Enjoy.
(Pic via Bane Capital)