Batcat Is The Hero GammaSquad Deserves

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ABOVE: Part of the “Link Visits His Mother” series at Dorkly.

Why Do Video Games Have The Best Advertising? [Uproxx]

Has Flash Been Killed? By Adobe? [UproxxNews]

‘Velocipastor’ trailer combines Catholicism, dinosaurs [Filmdrunk]

Comedy Central will air Greg Giraldo tribute [WarmingGlow]

Soccer player booted for being a hero [WithLeather]

“The Fight Of The Century” Turns 40 [TSS]

Breaking: Tiki Barber Is Probably Broke [KSK]

Chewbacca’s Childhood Memories of Hoth [Buzzfeed]

First-Ever Surboard Kickflip Caught On Film [CollegeHumor]

Charlie Sheen is Tila Tequila Now [TheSuperficial]

50 Cent Takes Shot At Manny Pacquiao, Compares Him To Charlie Sheen [UrbanDaily]

Paris Hilton’s New Reality Show to Feature Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Wife, Brooke Mueller [TVSquad]

Miami Heat Players Cry in the Locker Room After 87-86 Loss to the Chicago Bulls [Brobible]

8 Animated Gary Busey GIFs Almost as Creepy as Gary Busey [CoedMag]

VIDEO BELOW: Puppy valiantly battles an ice cube [via Arbroath]

[Inset picture via sofapizza]

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