‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Debuts A Meaty Slab Of Gameplay

You know how some video games will have endless story trailers and not put gameplay footage out for what feels like years? That’s not Batman: Arkham Knight. And holy button-mashing, we need this game now.

The game doesn’t make a big fuss about its new features, but it still crams it quite a few notable tweaks and upgrades to the combat and overall systems. Probably the most interesting tidbit is what the game appears to be calling “fear takedowns,” which essentially allow you to chain takedowns on enemies in certain situations.

Also interesting are the environmental takedowns we see, which seem to take a page from Sleeping Dogs, and the more elaborate sword-based fights. We just hope that those sword-based enemies aren’t like the Deathstroke fight from Origins, since that was an incredibly annoying fight.

Next, there’s the Batmobile, and it’s very clearly not a gimmick here. We see a lot about how it increases mobility, offers tactical advantages, ties into the glide move, and drives very differently from how you might expect. You’re actually able to pull dodge moves with the Batmobile in this game; we’ll be curious to see how that handles.

Also, Batman does a dragon punch. We just want to emphasize that. We’ll be seeing more from the game December 1st.