‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Has Been Delayed Again, But Console Yourself With A New Gameplay Video

One of the great heartbreaks of 2014 in gaming was the fact that we’d have to wait another eight months to play Batman: Arkham Knight, when it was delayed from its original October 2014 release date. But with help and counseling, we got past it. And it’s now delayed again. Stop playing with our hearts, Rocksteady.

Joking aside, the delay is thankfully brief. According to Game Informer, we’ll be seeing it on June 23 instead of June 2. To make up for it, Rocksteady released a gameplay video of Batman chasing the Scarecrow through Gotham, captured entirely from the PS4. And it is slick, especially as it moves between cutscene and gameplay:

Of particular interest is a new quirk in combat; Batman can take away the weapons of thugs and use them repeatedly for enhanced beatdowns. It also looks like you can snag them with your line launcher, and that you’ll have a few gadgets unlocked early on in the game in order to more efficiently terrify criminals. We can’t wait, even if we have to, just a little longer.