‘Batman: Arkham Origins’: Who Is The Eighth Assassin?

It’s odd that a game will sit on crucial information, especially a game like Batman: Arkham Origins. But here we are, three days before the game comes out, gameplay videos everywhere, and… we actually don’t know who the eighth assassin is! Needless to say, this makes it crucial that we speculate wildly.

To review, we know seven of eight assassins: Deadshot, Deathstroke, Lady Shiva, a rebooted and redesigned Copperhead, perpetual lameass the Electrocutioner, Firefly, and Bane.

Also worth noting is that there will be other villains, but they won’t be part of the main storyline, per se. This seems to be where the major baddies wind up; the Joker isn’t technically an assassin, but he’s part of the story, Black Mask is the key antagonist, the Penguin plays a role, the Mad Hatter will appear, Killer Croc has been confirmed, Edward Nigma is running around, and so on.

Mostly that tells us DC is digging pretty deep to find these villains. Batfans and DC fans know all these characters to some degree or another, but the only one general audiences will really know is Bane. So odds are pretty good the eighth assassin is somebody more obscure. So, with that in mind, here are a few guesses, and why they might fit.


A fan-favorite, to say the least; we can’t post about this game without somebody mentioning him in the comments. And the way they keep talking about a newer, rough around the edges Batman makes you wonder whether Batman might face a moral choice involving the Beast at some point, such as in the comics.


The game takes place on Christmas Eve, after all. And this is a prequel; in the Batman timeline, Gotham’s crime families, so integral to The Long Halloween, are still around and active. That said, Holiday is a… complicated character to feature. He might turn up, but he might also be one of the first assassins you beat into a cell.

Talia Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul they’re unlikely to feature, just because he was so prominent in the last game. But Batman and Talia have a history in this game’s continuity, and one we haven’t seen much of yet. And, hey, it might add something to have a little Batromance.

Mr. Freeze

They may not want to remind people of the last game, true. But Batman and Freeze also have history, and it’d certainly be interesting to explore that.


This is a long shot, of course. That said, it’s obvious they’re sitting on the identity of this eighth assassin for a reason. One assumes that this is because he or she is tied to a major plot twist. There’s a distinct possibility that one of those “assassins” is going to turn out to be a plant; this is an origin, after all, and the Huntress did start out as somebody going after Mafia thugs with a crossbow. Huntress using this bounty to get closer to Black Mask’s operation is pretty much par for her course.

Any guesses? Let us know in the comments!