Batman Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice In Newest Pete Holmes Sketch

Front Page Films and College Humor have made several Batman parodies starring Pete Holmes, such as the Batman phobias sketch we posted awhile back. The most recent parody also stars Deanna Russo as Catwoman and Matt McCarthy as Commissioner Gordon, and they try to convince Batman to sacrifice himself by flying a bomb out of Gotham City, although their motivations may be more selfish than they are community-focused. This Batman may be able to give you “the clean slate”, but he’s still insufferable.

Since we’re pretty sure Pete Holmes said on his free podcast that this was the last of the series, we’ve collected them all in one place. Hard to believe it’s already been a year and a half since the first one.

Also, Pete Holmes has referred to himself as a “fat Val Kilmer” — so a current Val Kilmer then? — which is all the excuse we need to post this.


The previous episodes are on the next page, in order from newest to oldest.