The Viral Sensation Batman Impersonator Who Visited Sick Kids Passed Away After A Car Crash

Leonard Robinson was known for suiting up in a Batman costume, getting into his custom Lamborghini Batmobile, and driving to hospitals to visit sick children as the caped crusader. He even went so far as to spend $25,000 of his own money each year to furnish children with Batman merchandise. In 2012, Robinson went viral when a police dash-cam video (ABC’s coverage of the video is above) showed him getting pulled over for his Batman license plate. The police officers turned out to be fans of the hero, though, and even took pictures with him.

Tragedy struck Sunday night when Robinson stopped his Batmobile on a western Maryland highway to check the engine. Authorities say that Robinson was standing in the fast lane of I-70 when a Toyota Camry came barreling at him, striking his car and killing him. The driver of the Camry was reportedly not injured.

Robinson was more than a viral sensation, he was a real-life hero. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family in this time of mourning.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)