Batman Rumored To Be Rebooted Only Two Years From Now In 'Justice League'

As previously mentioned, Warner needs another blockbuster franchise now that the Batman and Harry Potter franchises have run their course. They have Superman reboot Man of Steel coming out next June 14th, and now we’re hearing rumors that they may be returning to the Batman cash cow already. Batman on Film (vouched for by /film) says the new Batman will be introduced in the Justice League film set to come out in 2015. They say the solo Batman film will be a spin-off from Justice League.

On the upside, this means the Justice League film is finally likely to happen and, better yet, we’re probably going to have a Batman film that isn’t yet another origin story. And it’s about time. How often do we need to see how Batman, Spider-Man, etc. got their start? We already get it. Now show us something else. Every minute we’re watching some kid’s parents get shot in slow motion set to cloying music is a minute Batman isn’t punching criminals in the face.

On the downside, this means if Justice League tanks, it’s going to cast a pall over several potential DC franchises in development like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, et cetera. We left Green Lantern off that list because 2011’s Green Lantern already tanked that on its own. We’re also leaving off Aquaman because no one cares about Aquaman.

The Justice League script is being handled by Will Beall (Gangster Squad). It’ll be interesting to see how he introduces these characters. We already know one guy who could play the rebooted Batman…