Comic-Con: Here’s A Close-Up Of Ben Affleck In ‘Batman V Superman’

Earlier today we were treated to pictures of the new batsuit on display at Comic-Con to promote Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Then Zack Snyder inexplicably tweeted a picture of Henry Cavill as a Sith Superman. (LOLWUT?) Now DC Comics has gone even further, releasing this picture of Ben Affleck in the cowl:

Yep, that’s Batman all right. I’d recognize that butt-chin anywhere. And he still looks sad.

The picture is part of a Batman 75th Anniversary montage wall on display at DC Entertainment booth’s at Comic-Con this weekend. As DC Comics says in their press release, “The filmmakers wanted to include this new cinematic version of the Dark Knight in the anniversary mosaic so it could be discovered by fans!” …Then they posted it on their website before fans could discover it and put a lower-res or poorly-shot version online. But there’s no point in criticizing the wording of the press release. Batman isn’t hearing it:

Via DC Comics