‘Batman Versus Superman’ Adds Another Justice League Member To The Cast

When we heard Michael B. Jordan had met with Zack Snyder about a role in Batman vs Superman, we speculated about which characters he might play. One of those characters was Victor Stone (Cyborg), who is a founding member of the Justice League in the New 52 continuity. Now both THR and Variety report Ray Fisher will be playing Cyborg in Batman vs Superman. Fisher is a theater actor who played Muhammad Ali in off-Broadway production Fetch Clay, Make Man.

Both news outlets say the character may only appear in one scene, but Warner intends to include him in additional movies. Batman vs Superman is already in production in Michigan, but the casting may not be as hasty as it seems. Variety suggests Cyborg may have been part of the plan for awhile:

In the bonus feature on the recent Man of Steel homevideo release, Cavill, who plays Superman in the film, said there’s a great deal of promise in Cyborg as well as the fictional research facility S.T.A.R. Labs, which appears in several DC Comics.

“I think he would create an incredible bridge between superheroes and humanity,” Cavill said of the Cyborg character.

S.T.A.R. Labs was also the workplace of Justice League characters Professor Hamilton (played by Richard Schiff in Man of Steel) and the superhero Rampage, although it’s unclear whether the latter is involved in the Batman-Superman film.

We have our doubts Hollywood would put a not-conventionally-attractive superpowered female like Rampage in a movie — considering how much they dragged their feet on finally putting the attractive ones on film — although we’re sure Olga Kurkulina would take their phone calls.