This Woman Is Selling Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend’s ‘Batmobile’ On Craigslist

A Michigan woman isn’t selling her boyfriend’s Nitro on Craigslist because she’s sick of his Batman obsession — she’s auctioning it because he’s her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. Amy Estrada put up an ad for the $18,000 vehicle, which he decked out like the Batmobile, complete with a Batman logo that shines on the ground when the driver and passenger doors are open, because “I got it for my ex, who turned around and got all the extras paid for by his side chick.”

Estrada told Fox 2 Detroit, “I got that car for him in my name because I thought that he was going to love me forever.” Instead, he turned out to be a “liar and a cheater and an abuser,” according to a note on the back of the car, right next to a Michigan Wolverines decal. What a charmer.

I bet he can’t do the Batusi, either.

“I outsmarted the con artist,” she says. (Via Fox 2 Detroit)

She’s the scorned hero Livonia, Michigan (and every Carrie Underwood song) deserves.


(Via Fox 2 Detroit and Craigslist)