We Need A Hero

Youtube member Birgirpall has an awesome set of Battlefield 3 videos where he shows off impressive trolling skills. Things like putting C4 in a helicopter then sending a message out that there’s a free helicopter for the taking, boobytrapping ammo crates, and other — usually explosive — kamikaze tactics.

In Battlefield 3 you have the ability to cover a vehicle with C4, drive it and jump out. It’s called a Jihad Jeep. The momentum of the jeep (or whatever vehicle) keeps it rolling and if you time it right it will roll next to the bad guy and you can tap the detonator from a ways back and watch them blow up. [Dave and Thomas]

Those are just some of the many ways Birgirpall trolled the everloving eff out of fellow gamers (especially camping d-bags) in the three videos below. The first is the most recent (uploaded yesterday) and also the most heavily edited and meme-tastic. The next two are from last week but include plenty of funny moments and impressive feats, particularly when he flies a helicopter loaded with C4 towards another helicopter, jumps out, and takes out both helicopters with a detonator while parachuting away. UMADBRO?

(It took all my willpower to not headline this as, “We need an hero”. Trolling is a art.)