Five 'Battleship' Clips Pale In Comparison To Battlesheep

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05.02.12 2 Comments

Guys, I’m going to level with you here. I may have finally lost it. Between the dinosaur narrative this morning and photoshopping the Battlesheep poster above, I think the sanity has left me. I just spent ten minutes watching clips from Battleship (on purpose!) then another twenty minutes adding battlesheep to a poster with Rihanna in it. I’ll let you decide which of those two tasks was a bigger waste; you can watch the five clips below for yourself.
In the first clip, Rihanna tells an alien, “Mahalo, motherf–ker”. Did everyone involved in the movie throughout the months and months of production think mahalo means goodbye? Nobody caught this? Nobody gave enough of a sh-t to mention it? Mahalo means thank you. Hawaii and I are very disappointed in you, Battleship. You sunk our hopes for a child who is even half as awesome as Battlesheep.

Liam Neeson is way scarier than the aliens.
[Haaaaat tip to ComingSoon.]

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