The BBC Inadvertently Aired A Steamy Scene In The Background Of An Evening News Program

The ten o’clock news was a little more exciting than usual for some British telly viewers when, earlier this week, a “romantic” scene was accidentally included in a BBC broadcast. Anchor Sophie Raworth was just trying to relay the latest about a cricket match, not knowing that someone in the newsroom was ill-advisedly watching a clip of a woman taking off her clothes. Whoops.

Some viewers were none too pleased to have found themselves in the position of watching a sex scene. Apparently, the clip wasn’t shown in lieu of cricket footage, but was visible behind Raworth on a computer screen in the studio. BBC reporter Dan Johnson quipped, “I would like to point out that my desk is at the opposite side of the newsroom.” If he’s not the perp, then who is?

The footage shows a man in a black ball cap sitting in front of the monitor as a woman removes her pants, shirt, and bra. There is no explanation yet of why someone thought that was the time and place to watch a glossy strip tease, but who can ever truly know the erotic whims of the human heart. Perhaps it was a chance click of the wrong link. A prank gone wrong. Or a case of voyeurism on display. The BBC is still investigating the incident.

(Via Mediaite & The Sun)