BBC To Give Everyone Four Free Doctor Who Games

04.09.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

If you’ve been starving for your Doctor Who fix because of last year’s five-episode series, you can relax because, in addition to this year’s 13 regular episodes, the BBC will be releasing four “adventure games” featuring the Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor and companion Amy Pond…for free.

Yep, BBC Interactive will be producing four “interactive episodes” for Mac and PC and they’ll be pretty close to real episodes – they’ll have the voices of actors Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, they’ll be written by Phil Ford (“The Waters of Mars”) and James Moran (“Torchwood: Children of Earth”) and Who Showrunner Stephen Moffat will be executive producing them. They’re even saying that the episodes will be in the official Doctor Who cannon, which so far hasn’t happened with any of the Who books or video games. (Although some of the books, like Human Nature, did get adapted into episodes.)

The first episode will be available for download in June. and while they haven’t released info about what the episode’s stories will be, but screenshots do show a heck of a lot of Cyberman. Check out a gallery of screenshots after the jump.

[BBC via Io9]

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