These Dirt Bikers Prove They Have Nerves Of Steel With This Near-Miss With A Bear

If you were unfamiliar, things continue to be hardcore in the Russian wilderness. This is pretty par for the course in terms of weird sh*t going down in Russia, between dogs mowing down pedestrians and crazed drivers. Add in a punishing landscape and centuries of political strife, and it is clear that only the very toughest survive in Mother Russia. How tough? The kind of tough where a bear nearly crashes into you and you don’t even flinch.

These two dirt bikers were minding their own business, taking some trails to Russia’s Lake Ingozer. Packed down with gear and a GoPro, these dudes were just taking in the sights when a massive black bear crashes out of the woods and across their paths. Honestly, the video alone is enough to make you crap your pants. However, instead of letting this close call with brutal nature phase them, these guys barely even slow down. Sure, the bear does keep running instead of sticking around to devour them like pirozhki, but lesser mortals probably would have crashed their bikes while calling out to whatever god they believe in. Still, it’s good that a clash between man and beast was avoided and that the footage was recorded in order to thrill the rest of us from the safety of our desks.