Is This Bear Prank The Meanest Thing A Coworker Has Ever Done?

This prank is so terrible, but oh so funny. Someone films from afar as a “bear” and lies in wait for an unsuspecting construction worker. Then, as the worker is about to round the corner, he glimpses the bear and immediately turns tail and runs. Everybody cracks up — the guy filming, me, the friend who I just sent this to — especially as the bear tries to give chase and trips like a human, all while another worker who is farther away also gets scared and tries to run away.

The construction worker who saw the bear first even falls and does a roll in the dirt, all to get away as quickly as possible. Meanwhile it should be sort of obvious by now that this is a human in a bear costume since he just sort of gives up and stands there, but then tries to commit and run on all fours when it’s clear that the person being pranked still doesn’t know.

This prank is probably really mean, but at least it isn’t swatting. I’d love to see what these guys have in store for April Fool’s Day. And I’d be devastated if this turned out to be fake like this guy’s pranks.