This Video Proves That Bears Are Evolving, Learning And Coming For Our Trash

While many of nature’s creatures attract a lot of attention and live in harmony with humans, the recent evidence seems to show us that bears are evolving to deal with the fact that we get in their way constantly. Bears have learned how to open doors and break into houses, bears have seen humans hiding inside of cars and decided to simply let themselves in. God, a bear has even attempted to steal a Subaru without thinking about stuff like repair costs, gas or insurance.

But opening up doors isn’t the only thing that bears have learned to do since they’ve been forced into cohabitation with its relatively-hairless mammalian counterparts who wear clothes to hide their shame, oh no, you see, this bear in the video above has learned how to unscrew a garbage can lid to get to the sweet, sweet garbage. I get it, you are wondering to yourself why anyone or anything would consider garbage to be “sweet,” yet bears have been known to rummage through our refuse in search of whatever we’ve deemed unworthy to remain inside of our non-cavern homes.

This bear in Lake Tahoe is hungry and he wants whatever is inside of that garbage can, only the can has a lid that was made specifically to keep critters out of their garbage cans; a twist-sealed lid. The average bear would simply knock over the can, see that the lid didn’t pop off and either move on or maul the damned thing, yet this bear actually steadies the can with one mighty paw while the other gripped onto the lid and twisted it off.

Just look:

All of that in broad daylight because this bear isn’t afraid of you puny humans.