Meet The Bear Who Just Crashed A Montana High School’s Classes

A Bozeman, Montana high school got a big shock today when students, teachers and staff saw a bear roaming the building hallways. This spectacle sounds at once awesome, and at the same time, like my worst nightmare.

Local station KRTV 3 reports that the bear got into the school through an open garage door. Police and school officials quickly ushered the bear out of the school, however. Students were instructed to go into their classrooms until the bear was out and no one was hurt. Sounds like this isn’t the first time this high school has dealt with a bear attack?

More delightful details from KRTV 3: the bear was “quick and skittish” and seemed “more curious than anything.” In addition, the animal was only in the building for a matter of minutes. It seems like everybody got him out without any harm done, which is the best case scenario, if you ask me. This being 2015, there’s a lot great video of the bear loping down the hall of this high school, which I highly recommend you watch yourself.

The above Facebook post from KBZK 7 reports that a sheriff’s deputy “kept an eye on the bear” until it left. The deputy happened to be at the school for a booster club meeting. Hopefully the bear has found a more habitable spot for itself by now and that its feelings weren’t too hurt by the rejection.