Bears-Eagles SNF Live Blog

A Eagles ring? That’s adorably ironic.

With the Packers and Lions losing, the Bears win the NFC North with a victory. Either way, Philadelphia plays Dallas for the NFC East title next week because Dallas holds the tiebreaker by winning their first matchup. Can’t imagine Chip Kelly is willing to go all-out for a game that does his team no favors.

During the pregame, Bob Costas said, “the spirited fans here in Philly once infamously booed Santa Claus, but we expect nothing but cheers for the guy they’ve taken to calling St. Nick around here.” Pretty sure anyone who has called Nick Foles “St. Nick” in Philly has gotten punched in the face. At least I hope so.

Chicago for a while last week struggled with the Browns but eventually pulled away late. The Bears could struggle to contain the Eagles offense if Philly even bothers to try, though I’m not sure why they would, but what do I know?