Bears-Packers Live Blog, First Half

I don’t know how to break this to you, but we’ve got a McCown starting a primetime game in Lambeau Field. I’m not sure I would feel all that great about the Bears’ chances if Jay Cutler were playing. With Josh McCown, I’m already setting up a post template for the most entertaining derps of the night. I made the “Down With McCown” image caption above initially as an ironic message of support for the doomed quarterback, but after posting I realize it also works as a rallying cry for his demise. I leave it to you to use as it best suits you.

This afternoon, I read a listicle that said people should watch this game because it’s Devin Hester’s birthday. Yeah, sure, that sounds doable, provided the Packers are planning on giving him three touchdowns as a gift.

The good news for Chicago is that Cutler and Lance Briggs are said to be likely to return earlier than initially expected. The bad news is that doesn’t mean early enough to return this evening, so barring a complete Packers meltdown or the most dominant performance by the Bears defense in years, it looks like they’ll have to drop an important division game in the meantime.