‘Beasts Of Burden’ Fetch Themselves A Director And Writer

02.20.13 6 years ago

Beasts of Burden! For those not in the know, it was/is a comic book series about dogs (and a cat) that use magic to investigate paranormal mysteries. It’s very good (and very cute) stuff. A couple years ago a Beasts of Burden CG movie was announced, because come on, magical paranormal mystery solvin’ dogs — how could that not be an animated movie?

But then all went silent for months on end, and most assumed the project was dead. Not so apparently! Today both a writer and director were announced for the Beasts of Burden movie.

The writer, Darren Lemke, has worked on the Shrek movies in the past, so eh, get ready for a hilariously ironic movie-ending musical number! The director, Shane Acker, was the guy behind the really pretty good 2009 animated movie 9. Not the world’s greatest talent or anything, but again, magical paranormal mystery solving dogs — that’s a hard one to screw up. These guys should do fine.

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