France Knows How To Promote 'Beasts Of Burden'

Beasts of Burden started out as an Eisner-winning short story “Stray” in The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings. The story can be read for free series, even pairing up with Mike Mignola to do a Hellboy oneshot. There is also a movie in development, but we’re not betting on it getting made. If this all sounds familiar, it’s because I talk about Beasts of Burden a lot. Adorable animals fight supernatural forces. Of course I talk about it a lot.

The French translation of the first anthology is coming to stores in France this Wednesday. Why am I talking about a French translation of a comic which isn’t new? Because the commercial rocked my face off.

Check out the ad below. This is perhaps the only time you’ll hear me praising a post-production 3D conversion. Those frightened pug eyes really POP. This is exactly how it looked when I read it. Because I moved the pages away from and towards my face very quickly while making electric guitar noises with my mouth. Squeedely-squeedely doo! THIS COMIC IS SO AWESOME.

[Hat tip and ball touches to BleedingCool.]