Because It's Taco Tuesday, Here Is The Most Taco Tuesday GIF Ever

01.08.13 8 Comments

It’s Tuesday. AKA, Taco Tuesday. And it’s getting around that time to start think about what you’re going to have for dinner. You should have tacos, obviously. I, for one, am kind of craving tacos at the moment. Are you? If not, just stare at the amazing GIF above for a few minutes and you too will crave tacos. You’re welcome, new taco craving friend!

Also, speaking of tacos, is Al Roker sure it was the lap-band surgery that made him poop his pants in the president’s house, or did he just have too many tacos on a Tuesday?!?!…

If his pants-pooping was indeed the result of an overzealous Taco Tuesday, then it was all well worth it in my book.

(Taco GIF via, Roker GIF via Topher Chris)

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