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    This guy inspired the Bruce Willis character in Unbreakable.  Fact.

Troy R. Casey and Charles W. Bamforth of the University of California have published a study on the levels of silicon in different beers.  Silicon strengthens bones, and beer is one of the main sources of it in Western countries.  Most people consume 20 to 50 mg of silicon per day. Casey and Bamforth found that the beers studied contained an average of 29.4 mg/L of silicon (13.9 mg per pint).  Barley beers contained more silicon than wheat beers.  Brews with a large amount of hops contained even more silicon.  Women seeking positions in the adult film industry contained the most silicon of all.  Non-alcoholic beers and light lagers, along with wheat lagers, contained the lowest levels of silicon. 

Then Dr. Tim Byers, deputy director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center in Aurora, came along to blow up our spot when he told ABC, “To conclude any bone health benefits from this study would require a great leap.”  How about I pour you a big pilsner glass of shut up shut up you’re ruining this with your doctory chicanery.  Maybe I happen to be in a feud with the apple people, and I’m trying to change the saying to “a beer a day keeps killjoys like Dr. Tim Byers away.”  It doesn’t roll off the tongue very well; I’m working on it.  When I get this all figured out, the apple people will rue the day.

[Sources: Wiley InterScience, ABC via FARK]

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