Men Pee On Beehive, Bees React Accordingly To The First Human Body Parts They See


Sometimes, in order to teach a really important lesson, it helps to tell a really obvious story. Today, that story is about a group of men who were riding a bus in Vietnam and spotted a beehive on the side of the road. That beehive was swarming with bees. One of the men thought it would be funny to get everyone off the bus, whip out all of their penises, and pee all over the aforementioned beehive. You can probably guess where this is going, but I’ll be more than happy to spell it out for you because it’s going to be a lot of fun to type this, put it in boldface, and then italicize it.

The bees stung the sh*t out of their penises.

Why? Why would those bees do that to those poor men? Because bees don’t like to be disrespected? Because those bees are racist against people living in their own country? Because the bees were mistaken and were really trying to sting the bus?

The bees stung those penises because those penises were peeing on the bees.

It’s an almost perfectly symmetrical sentence, if you think about it. But let this bee a lesson: don’t piss on a motherf*cking beehive. It should go without saying, but I added some pretty curses just to ‘zazz it up. And in case you’re still thinking about pissing on some bees, consider 1. not doing that or 2. wearing protection.


Now, if only we could get this cat to read this post so it can figure out how to react to the Duggars.

Source: Metro